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PrecisaŽ N Sphygmomanometer  

A typical Riester quality product. Available in metal with an aluminium housing and simple tube - plug-in connection or alternatively with a sturdy plastic housing with chromium-plated tube - screw connection. precisaŽ N is ideal as a mobile, secondary or reserve device for any office practice and every hospital. Also optionally available in a latex-free version (when ordering enter LF for latex-free)


●  Latex bulb for pumping up the cuff metal valve base
●  Ergonomic spoon-shaped grip of stainless steel
●  Single-tube connection
●  Precision air release valve with fine adjustment and wear-free
●  Microfilter protects air release valve and measuring system
●  Specially tempered copper-beryllium diaphragm, with precision movement and almost non-aging
●  Diaphragm pressure-loading capacity up to 600 mm Hg
●  Linear, tilted aluminum scale, from 0 to 300 mm Hg (easily legible)
●  Maximum error tolerance +/- 3 mm Hg
●  Comprehensive selection of different sizes and versions of cuffs







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