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ri-former ® the modular diagnostic station  
ri-former® —the modular diagnostic station by Riester —optimal flexibility for hospitals and medical practices. The diagnostic station modules can be combined individually to suit the requirements and location. Thanks to its innovative design it is variably extendable to the right and the left. The basic ri-former® module is available with one handle and can be supplemented with up to 4 more handle modules. The advantages of the ri-former® system can be seen in its versatile combination of options. With its centralized electrical power supply, the ri-former® offers the reliability required for the hectic day-to-day atmosphere of hospitals and medical practices. This guarantees cost savings and eliminates the need for batteries and rechargeable batteries, which is good for the environment.  


  Also available with only one handle and extendable to a maximum of 5 handles —a maximum of 3 handles can be removed simultaneously.
●  Available with or without optional digital clock. The time of day is easy to read both day and night thanks to the illuminated display. The clock is connected to the power circuit and needs no batteries — no staff costs involved in changing the batteries.
●  3.5-V LED or xenon illumination create lighting conditions similar to daylight.
●  The regulating switch enables optimal electronic efficiency.
●  Constant output voltage independent of the power supply prolongs the service life of the lamps and guarantees optimal light intensity.
●  The handles automatically switch on or off when removing or replacing them in the handle unit.
●  Non-slip, ergonomically designed handles with rheotronic®: the handle enables continuously adjustable brightness as well as manual switching on and off.
Spiral cord stretches up to 3 m.
●  Color-coordinated to match other Riester products.
●  Easy cleaning and disinfection of the instruments.
●  Instrument heads available with and without anti-theft device.
●  All ri-scope® instrument heads can be combined with the ri-former® wall diagnosis station.
●  For detailed descriptions, please see pages 5 through 12.
●  If you need other voltages (besides 120 V or 230 V) or specialized plugs for your country, we request that you make this information available to us upon ordering.
●  Developed and manufactured in Germany










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