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Binocular Loupes  

An enlarged view simplifies your work. What you canít see you canít work on. The advantages of Riesterís binocular loupes are obvious: Improved working posture, reduced strain on the eyes and an even clearer view with K-LED lighting.



●  SuperVu Galilean System
●  2.0, 2.5x and 3.0x magnification.
●  The true benefit of this system is ease of use.
●  Movement whilst maintaining focal clarity is possible due to superior depth of field. The light-weight aluminium bar with individual pupillary adjustment provides the mounted loupes with stability and optimal focal alignment, eliminating headache and eyestrain. Ideal for ocular and dental examinations as well as plastic surgery and veterinary professionals.
●  SuperVu Hi-Res Galilean System
●  3.0x magnification.
●  With this system, Riester provides a high resolution loupe, which far surpases any previous standards. This 5-element loupe offers triple magnification with a 15% increased field of view and a visually flat field from edge to edge.
●  Designed for comfort and performance
●  More distance during treatment makes patients feel visibly better and more relaxed.
●  Several magnification grades
●  Riester loupes perfoem in accordance with your requrements. Multiple magnification levels enable you to see more, spot problems earlier and offer even higher levels of precision treatment.
●  Attachment options
●  Select between the light Riester spectacle frame or the brow band system for the use of your loupes










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